Full Moon Spiritual Journey to Sedona April 2019 with Judy

02:00 pm - 04/16/2019

@ Hippies, Witches & Gypsies

212 River St
Troy NY  12180

Once again.. Judy returns to Sedona, Arizona....she has just returned from Sedona September 2017 ,,and has the "strong" pull to return. I hope you can join us -as we return to "do the work that is required of us" - we are needed in the "womb of the earth"

Cost to Join Judy in Sedona is $695.00 pp.
This event is open to folks that Judy knows on a personal basis ONLY.
$100.00 non refundable deposit holds your space.
*You will*
*Participate in our Full moon gathering on the vortex-included
*We will offer energy work with each other on the vortex-included
*Participate in our sunrise ceremony on a vortex-included
*We will celebrate *Earth Day* in Sedona -included
*Participate in medicine wheel ceremony-included
*Walk/climb the mesa's - as time & weather allows-included

You will -lots of time on your own - as Judy requires this as well.
You will :
*Have free time
*Relaxing time
*Shopping time
*Laughing time
*Hiking time
*Spa time if desired

All participants will be resonsible for :
*Individual Flights*
*Transportation to & from Phoenix* 2 hour drive ( unless on same flight/s with Judy) - can possibly accomodate a ride with her
*All accomodations- Suggestions are available-
*All meals & spending money -gratuities
*Any unforseen individual costs
*Spa services if desired.

More details & surprises will occur as time -speeds up .

Namaste- Sedona is NOT a place it IS an experience.
One that will change you -again.

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